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A lot of good indie games and old classics keep to themselves, while other more modern games have found better deals elsewhere.
Steam is a video game client which also doubles as a lovely digital rights management tool for a good number of developers. It’s so good at collecting games and managing them that it’s become the client to beat. Many gamers even use it as a way to help curb their gaming spending by limiting game purchases only to what appears on the client during their amazing seasonal sales.
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However, not every game has made it to Steam. Some have even explicitly stated that they won’t port over, at least for now. A lot of good indie games and old classics keep to themselves, while other more modern games have found better deals elsewhere.
While Steam has a few of these classic RTS city builders in store, some of them are distressingly excluded from the line up including 1701, 1503, 1602, and 1800. It does have some of the more futuristic installments and one of the older ones that have been remastered so there’s something at least.
It’s just a shame that the whole series can’t be bundled together in one neat package to bring in both new players and long-term fans under one space.
Despite the fact that all of the other Assassin’s Creed titles are on Steam, Valhalla has announced it is not planning on ever making its way there. The newest installment of the franchise is exclusive to the Epic Games Store, though considering Odyssey was full of little microtransactions for them it could have been expected.
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However, that does make it a little harder to nab one of these pricy titles for a decent discount, since Epic Games doesn’t do the same sorts of seasonal sales like Steam does.
Another game that is still stuck to the Epic Games Store is Dauntless. It bears a striking resemblance to Monster Hunter, but with the added perk of being free-to-play.
Steam isn’t against giving games away for free, as there are plenty of them on the client. Some even go down to pennies during sales, and occasionally there are free giveaways, though that tends to be more of a developer’s choice than anything.
All three of the Diablo games are nowhere to be found on the client despite being classics. Diablo III has even gained quite the fan and player base despite its rocky start that had old-time fans upset with it.
Steam has been doing a lot of porting old games to its client, so it seems a little bit awkward that these classics haven’t managed to edge into the store quite yet. The older ones have even received a remaster in recent years, so they’d definitely have a place.
There are multiple incarnations of Fable up on Steam, however, the two sequels are missing from the bunch. Fable 2 is not exactly the fandom’s favorite due to it not having a real final boss, but Fable 3 really had a field day with the concept of morality.
The most awkward thing is just that there is more than one version of the original game out there, including Lost Chapters and the updated Anniversary where it was remastered. So at least the early days of Albion can be explored, even if the later generations need a little more digging to obtain.
One of the biggest disappointments about Steam having a number of the older games is either they don’t update the port to work with modern systems or they don’t release the entire game.
Heroes of Might and Magic III is one of the fandom’s most beloved entries. It has an HD remaster sitting on Steam, but it’s only the terribly short base game. This was one of those games that had a whole ton of expansion packs which typically end up alongside ported games. Not for this one, as Heroes Chronicles and every other expansion for it just are not there.
Epic Games got a rough reputation with how aggressive it was making deals with developers while it was trying to get on its feet and become a worthy competitor to Steam. Immortals Fenyx Rising is one such game where Epic Games has it and Steam doesn’t.
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It’s a cute game that takes in a lot of inspiration from Greek mythology in its open-world format, putting it up there with plenty of other games that do well on Steam. Too bad Epic Games has a vice grip on it.
For fans of exploration-based survival gamesJourney to the Savage Planet is definitely one to check out. It’s reminiscent of No Man’s Sky and Astroneer but with a more lighthearted and colorful feel to it as well as having a bit more humor where the former are lacking.
Unfortunately, it’s another one that is stuck on Epic Games leading to a good chunk of survival fans not even aware of its existence despite being a cute little gem.
Oftentimes when a game gets huge it ends up with a Steam port so that more people will buckle down and play it. So it’s strange that Overwatch somehow managed to avoid that fate entirely despite being a giant when it comes to multiplayer games.
It has become so big that it even has its own comics, a cookbook, and enough fan works to make heads spin. So while Steam might have most of the popularity, clearly some things can compete otherwise Overwatch wouldn’t be half as popular as it is.
Star Stealing Prince is one of those indie games that proves it doesn’t matter what engine is being used, a game can still have an excellent story. It’s free to download, play, and love straight from the developer’s own website but needs a bit of a kick to get going. The good news is there is a remaster coming out, so maybe it will show up eventually.
Many other indie games out there never made it to Steam either, even if they are free to play. This typically is the developer’s choice, though there’s also the issue with how bad of a reputation indie games tend to have, especially if they use maker engines. So it will take a little more digging for some of the hidden indie gems to be found since not all of them are on the biggest client where they might get some more attention.
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