18 of 79 games have been decided in final minute or overtime – NBC Sports

The NFL has played 79 regular-season games in 2021. Of those, 18 have been decided in the final minute of regulation or overtime.
According to the NFL, that’s the most ever in the first five weeks of a season.
Also, 21 games have been decided by three points or fewer, tied for the most ever through five weeks. On Sunday, four such games happened.
There also has been at least one overtime game every week, only the second time that’s ever happened through five weeks.
And Week Five isn’t over. The Colts return to Baltimore tonight. While the Ravens are favored to win, a wise man once said that’s why they play the games. This year, the games are as exciting as ever. And there are still 13 weeks left.
This is great for TV ratings. Tv ratings are great for negotiating lucrative TV deals. There’s no way the league is ever going to install a replay system that takes control away from the officials, and gives it to the players. Keep the games close. Cha Ching!
its because teams play soft zones when winning by 2 scores in the 4th. allows for garbage time points and allows games to appear closer than they are
Whatever the reasons it’s good to have football back and there have been some really good games on. I actually see fans and that’s great.
NFL tries very hard for it to happen that way. I would have guessed more. Casual gamblers should take note.
Can’t be exciting if you’re losing like Washington Jacksonville or Detroit,,,
Sports Entertainment folks. Nothing more. Nothing less.
The other 61 are games involving the Jaguars
We had a lot of stinkers last season, but it seems like we are making up for it so far this year.
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