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While portable monitors are a viable option for on-the-go professionals, there are clear benefits to traveling with your primary monitor in a monitor case (especially if it’s a nice one). If you’re using it for gaming you won’t have to adjust to different latencies or refresh rates and if you’re using it for business then you’re saving a good chunk on a whole new monitor. Without further ado, let’s browse some monitor cases.
As long as your monitor or display is between 27 and 32 inches, the Rufntuf Roto Monitor Case is hands-down the safest option for transporting it to and from events. It is made from roto-molded polyethylene that is supplemented with internal foam padding that promises to shield your monitor from drops on all sides. It also has a comfortable carry handle and detachable shoulder strap. But its hard shell form factor is not without compromises.
One of the most glaring issues is that this case is not sized to fit a monitor stand, nor is there an external accessory pocket to store one for travel. Of course, if you can always put that with the rest of your PC setup, which I assume you would also bring wherever you bring a monitor. The other issue is that this monitor case only supports flat displays up to 32 inches and there is almost no wiggle room because of its rigid construction. If, however, your monitor fits within its dimensions, then the Rufntuf Roto case is the next best option besides going all-out with a water-tight Pelican case.
The Gator LCD Monitor Tote Bag is the go-to choice for those who prefer to travel with dual monitors or an oversized monitor, as Gator offers several different size tote bags to accommodate monitors from 19 to 60 inches in display size. No matter which size bag you get, it comes with an exterior accessory pocket, a carry handle, and a detachable shoulder strap.
It also comes with 25mm of internal nylon foam padding, which helps protect the monitor from all sides. The side with the actual display has a polyethylene screen shield too, preventing any outside forces from puncturing or shattering the screen. This case doesn’t include space for your monitor’s stand but you can easily fit it into the oversized accessory pocket if needed. Depending on your screen size, there may even be extra room within the padded compartment.
The Arco LCD Transport Case is a simple yet effective monitor case that holds displays ranging from 27 to 45 inches in size. It has a nylon-padded main compartment with enough room for one display plus maybe its stand depending on how much leftover room your monitor leaves you with. If, however, the stand won’t fit in the main compartment, you could instead put it in the large accessory pocket, which is also great for holding power and display cables.
The bag has a built-in carry handle and a detachable shoulder strap, which makes it great as a carry-on item for flying. That said, the lack of locking zippers means that I would be apprehensive checking it with other luggage, is its high quality makes it pretty obvious that the contents are desirable to thieves.
If your computer monitor has a stand that is impossible or inconvenient to remove, then consider the Roccat Tusko Flat Screen Bag to simplify your travel preparations. You only need to strap this innovative tote bag over your 20-to-24-inch monitor to make it travel-ready. Just note that it won’t afford you the same level of protection as a foam-padded or hard shell bag would.
In fact, the only part of the Roccat Tusko that is padded is the front screen cover, which means it is more for preventing wear and tear rather than protecting from full-on drops. But what the Roccat Tusko lacks in sheer protection, it makes up for in convenience. This case has four accessory pockets as well as some cargo straps that allow you to pack along other accessories like a keyboard. As long as you only need to carry your monitor a short distance, the Roccat Tusko is a solid option.
If the Slinger LCD Transport Case looks familiar, that is probably because it is made with the same OEM specs as the Arco Monitor Case we reviewed above. The key difference is that this bag only supports display sizes from 27 to 32 inches. We recommend getting a bag that is as close to your actual monitor size as possible, so as to avoid its contents getting jostled around during travel. But just note that there won’t be room for your display stand unless you store it in the unpadded accessory pocket.
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