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By 12 October 2021
Designed by Oliver Mak on behalf of Bodega, Alienware’s new custom gaming chair looks pretty damn futuristic.
Alienware’s custom gaming chair highlights a bit of a trend with gaming companies at the moment. With other brands, such as Razer shepherding a movement that has the industry branching out into unknown territory, high-end gaming adjacent designs like the Razer Zephyr RGB face mask are popping up all over. As such, a host of exciting collaborations have been born of the shift.
Now, Alienware is continuing on in a similar direction. After a stint working with Cherry to design DeLorian inspired key switches, the company has had an immersive egg-style custom gaming chair (via Complex) designed, based on the old Alienware S5000, and man does it look out of this world.
Alienware's Bodega collaboration egg chair promo shot with someone sitting in it
Alienware's Bodega collaboration egg chair design
Alienware's Bodega collaboration egg chair font angle
While more gamer relevant than, say, AMD’s mountain bike exploits, Alienware’s collaboration with the Bodega design brand is still pretty out there. This custom S5000 gaming chair encapsulates users, meaning to enhance in-game immersion with its half-eggshell design. It’s also very in keeping with Alienware’s general futuristic aesthetic.

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The changes made to the chair’s design include rounding out the edges, adding a shell, and covering the thing in the “flattest black that you could possibly see,” according to Bodega’s Creative Director and Founding Partner, Oliver Mak. 
“It’ll look like you’re emerging from out of this other world you’re playing in, like through a wormhole.”
If you want to feel like you’re emerging from your very own wormhole, you can enter the competition for a chance to win one on the Alienware x Complex microsite.
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