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AMD and Nvidia GPUs are currently considered the best models for gaming activities. Both of these companies offer graphic processing unit models that could allow consumers to play their favorite games in HD. 
One of the best features that they could offer is the so-called ray tracing (RT) feature. As of the moment, many gamers still have no idea what this GPU function offers. 
If you are one of them, then you need to know this feature allows you to have the correct color and other visual effects in a game by removing the issue of rasterization (the common process that renders game visual effects). 
This means that your favorite title would be more realistic as shadows, lightings, and reflections actually process the same way that objects are visualized in real life. If you want to enhance your gaming experience, here are all AMD and Nvidia GPUs that support ray tracing.
Make-Use-Of provided all the AMD and Nvidia GPU models that offer ray tracing capability. Here are the exact brands you need to check:
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Although all these models have RT features, some experts confirmed that Nvidia offers the best GPU models with ray tracing functions. However, various critics claimed that AMD would soon release new graphic processing units that could par with AMD’s models or even beat them when it comes to RT gaming.  
Even if you purchase one of these RT GPUs, you still can’t take advantage of their ray tracing features all the time since not all games support RT. 
But, many gaming companies are now updating or releasing new titles that allow the ray tracing process to tweak their games’ graphic effects. Rock Paper Shotgun listed some of them: 
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