Alleged Intel ARC Alchemist Mobile GPU With 512 EU Appears On Geekbench – Lowyat.NET

Last month, Intel’s Architecture Day gave us the official launch of ARC, the chipmaker’s upcoming GPU series, along with the revelation of Alchemist, its first iteration and the flagship for the series. What was missing during the presentation, however, were details and performance metrics of the GPU that could have given us an inkling of what to expect. Up until now, at least.
The Alchemist GPU, that has come under the spotlight appears to be a Xe-HPG unit, fitted with 512 Execution Units (EU), and is designed for laptops. Its performance details were posted on the benchmark site, Geekbench, but more importantly, it appears that the alleged GPU had been paired with a Tiger Lake-H laptop. Indicating that Intel may not be waiting for the launch of its Alder Lake H-series counterpart.

To be fair, the Geekbench doesn’t actually name the ARC Alchemist GPU outright. Instead, the page simply lists the 512EU, that it is using an OpenCL HD graphics platform, has a maximum frequency of 1800MHz, and that the component’s graphics memory is rated at 12.6GB. Sadly, there is no further information beyond that.
To quickly recap, Intel laid down the details about its upcoming Alder Lake CPU lineup, along with ARC and the Alchemist SoC. As per its roadmap, Alchemist is the first of four planned GPUs in Intel’s roadmap, and is expected to be ready for the masses by the first quarter of 2022. Specs-wise, the GPU will be driven by the Xe Core that comprises 16 Vector Engines, running at 256-bit per engine, and is based on TSMC’s N6 process node.
(Source: Geekbench via Videocardz)
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