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Amazon has revealed October's Prime Gaming lineup, and it's the best one in a while.
By on October 1, 2021 at 9:23AM PDT
October’s Prime Gaming lineup outshines the recently announced offerings for PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscribers. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you’ll definitely want to secure the new slate of freebies. Seven free PC games are up for grabs all throughout October, including Star Wars: Squadrons, Alien: Isolation, and Ghostrunner. In addition to the free games, you can also claim in-game loot for popular titles such as Destiny 2 and Genshin Impact.
While Star Wars: Squadrons isn’t the best dogfighting game in series history, it is definitely worth playing for fans. Squadrons has layered flight mechanics, interesting maps, and fun head-to-head multiplayer. It earned a 7/10 in our Star Wars: Squadrons review.
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Alien: Isolation is a divisive entry in the series, but it has an enthralling and tense atmosphere as well as some genuinely frightening moments. If you’re a fan of the Alien movies, Isolation is well worth checking out for yourself–especially at the low cost of free.
Meanwhile, Ghostrunner is a fast-paced action-platformer that released last year. Played from a first-person perspective in a Cyberpunk-infused world, Ghostrunner relies heavily on parkour movements. Clocking in at less than 10 hours, Ghostrunner is an exciting and stylish game that you can finish over the course of a weekend.
Those three games will be joined by Song of Horror: Complete Edition, Red Wings: Aces of the Sky, Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures, and Secret Files 3.
If you don’t already have an Amazon Prime account, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial to claim these games. Even if your subscription lapses, you’ll still be able to play the freebies in your library.

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