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In context: Last week AMD denied the suggestion that its graphics card business may be prioritizing selling cards to crypto miners over customers using the cards to play games. The denial comes in light of the continually constrained supply of the latest GPUs, as well as recent sightings of AMD mining cards.
At Deutsche Bank’s 2021 Technology Conference, the company interviewed the CFO of AMD over a range of topics concerning AMD’s revenue growth. Deutsche Bank’s Ross Seymore asked AMD what was driving its growth in graphics—whether it was client-side, data centers, or if crypto mining contributed.
“Crypto, negligible. That’s not a priority for us,” said AMD CFO Devinder Kumar. “We do not prioritize our product or make them for the crypto folks is not for the gamers and that’s a high priority from that standpoint.[sic]”
Kumar pointed out last year’s release of AMD’s latest generation of graphics cards, the Radeon 6000 series, as a driver of the growth.
Some customers may be suspicious because, late last month, photos leaked from Vietnam showing what appeared to be a mining card using AMD’s Navi 12 GPU. As of last month, GPUs are still difficult to get and are going for well above MSRP. Those buying the cards to mine cryptocurrencies like Ethereum are simply one factor alongside silicon shortages and logistics problems stemming from the global pandemic.
The 6000 series seems particularly uncommon in gaming right now, however, with none of its GPUs charting in Steam’s latest hardware survey for DirectX systems. Nvidia’s latest competing graphics cards, the RTX 3000 series, are similarly hard to get but have progressed up Steam’s charts.
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