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Although the Battlefield 2042 Beta has been a rousing success so far, there are certain issues that have been plaguing players. This isn’t exactly a surprise though as this is pretty much what betas are for. You want to iron out the bugs while giving players a glimpse at what the experience will be like. With the Battlefield 2042 Beta, we’ve got the experience for sure, but unfortunately, we’ve also got a whole of bugs to deal with and while some of these are minor annoyances, others make the game simply unable to play and that is the case with title screen bug. Fear not though as here is how to fix the stuck on title screen bug in Battlefield 2042.
The biggest bug that is happening right now isn’t one that just glitches up the experience a little bit, but rather a full-blown game breaker and when it comes to a limited-time Beta, this is about the worst kind of bug that you can have in your game. Luckily, there is a pretty quick fix for it, though it still is a big annoyance when it occurs.
In order to fix the stuck title screen bug, you have to try a few different methods. First, try restarting your console or computer. Usually, this will do the trick, but if you’re still having it happen, then restart your controller as well. If that doesn’t work, plug your controller directly into your PC or console and that will do the trick. The other thing to make sure of is that no other Bluetooth devices are connected. This is a bit extreme for PC users, but it’s worth a try to get things working.
Normally, you would see EA release some kind of patch to get things up and running smoothly, but then again it is EA, so these things are pretty tough to expect at this point. The deluge of bugs and other issues have really put a damper on the great gameplay in the Battlefield 2042 and it has caused fans to start speaking out that the game should be delayed beyond the initial release date.
With the game coming soon, it seems tough to imagine all of these bugs within the time frame it’s set for itself, but with some quick work, there might be enough time to fix things up.
When it’s not glitching out or not even starting, Battlefield 2042 Beta is an awesome time that combines some amazing graphics with fast and exciting gameplay.
Battlefield 2042 Beta is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.
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