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There is uncertainty about the future of AMD and Nvidia supplies, as well as other tech, but a recent analysis shows a 180 could occur in 2023.
For anyone looking to upgrade their system, or build a new one from scratch, getting hold of new parts, such as any recent AMD or Nvidia graphics card, is next to impossible. Even when they can be sourced, the prices are sky-high. With recent trends showing that GPU availability and cost is about to get worse, things are not looking too good for the tech world. However, a recent analysis is showing that, come 2023, the opposite could become a reality.
According to analysts, the semiconductor market is set to grow this year, and could potentially be "overcapacity" by 2023. Given this information, there is a possibility that supplies of Nvidia and AMD products could become abundant by this point. At the very least, the analysis suggests that the shortages that are currently plaguing the tech and gaming world will mend itself. The downside to it is that it's still going to be awhile before this is likely to occur, at least according to the report.
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This also corroborates with Nvidia CEO saying that shortages would be ongoing for most of 2022. Given that semiconductors are a vital part in many pieces of hardware, technology manufacturers are going to finally be able to source them for their products. However, according to a report from PC Gamer, companies will need to be cautious about not going overboard, despite many hoping to make up for the lack of output that's been occurring since the end of last year.
As it stands, AMD and Nvidia are still looking to put out new graphics cards, even though the market is experiencing a deficit and hiked prices. Leaks about Nvidia's upcoming RTX 3080 Super have recently been doing the rounds, and it seems as though AMD may also be getting ready to launch a new GPU. Not to mention Intel has also recently decided to join the graphics card arms race by announcing the launch of its first product sometime next year. Let's just hope customers are able to get hold of any of it.
While much of the shortages have been blamed on the lack of semiconductors being available, some of it has also been attested to cryptomining companies and bots bulk-buying hardware and leaving hardly any for anyone else. This problem has dropped off recently, most likely because there are so few products available, so it may be that cryptominers may strike again in 2023 when Nvidia, AMD, and soon Intel, GPUs start flooding the market again.
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Source: PC Gamer, IDC
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