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Despite the BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown 2021 only just being around the corner, Complexity Gaming is parting ways with one of its members. Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke has left the team, after originally joining the team in late 2019.
Revealed over Twitter, Complexity stated, "Today, we say goodbye to the SP34RM4N as he has chosen a different direction for 2022.
We wish you the best of luck moving forward, @k0nfigCS."
Back in September, there were reports that suggested that k0nfig would be leaving Complexity in favour of playing for the Danish native team Astralis, meaning we’ll have to keep an eye out if a subsequent announcement will follow.
"Like Americans going to Japan only to eat at McDonald’s when they could have been eating the same burgers at home."
The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive star originally joined the team in 2019.
The deal will span the Fall Season.
Boros will not be playing, so coach Allan will be filling in.
The Swedish professional was a long-time member of Ninjas in Pyjamas.
The team has released a "tribute movie" showcasing the player’s highlights.
The event will be the first CS:GO Major to be streamed in 4K.
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