PDAbase Deterministic Znode Migration Guide

Before following this guide, please ensure that you have updated to the latest wallet version

We need from you:

1. A new, unused address for every Znode that you have (ownerAddress). This address must be generated in your wallet.

  • This address must not be used for any other purpose.
  • It must not contain any coins.
  • This address cannot be used as your payout address!

You can generate a new address with getnewaddress in the Debug Console or through the Receive tab.

2. A payout address for your nodes (payoutAddress). We will use the Znode’s collateral address as each Znode’s payout address unless you request otherwise.

Please note that while you can have multiple Znodes paying to one payout address, it can break your privacy.

3. An address with some Zcoin to pay the protx fee (feeSourceAddress). You can create a new address and send some Zcoin to it, or you can use an existing address. To find an existing address with Zcoin, use this command in the Debug Console:

listaddressbalances 0.01

We will:

Provide you with a protx register for each Znode that you have. You will need to run this command in your wallet’s Debug Console. The command will be provided in a text file.

After receiving the file with the commands

1. Before entering any protx commands, please unlock your wallet. You can do this with the walletpassphrase "passphrase" timeout command.

For example, to unlock the wallet for 300 seconds with password TunnelSnakes: walletpassphrase TunnelSnakes 300

You will see (null) when the wallet is successfully unlocked.

If your password contains several words like “John has a long moustache”, enclose the password in quotes: walletpassphrase "John has a long moustache" 300

If you get the Error: Please enter the wallet passphrase with walletpassphrase first. (code -13) error, please rerun the walletpassphrase command.

2. Your wallet should now be unlocked. Copy and paste in the first full protx register command from the file and press Enter. If everything is set correctly, the output should be a transaction ID. You can check the transaction ID at explorer.zcoin.io

3. Continue doing Step 2 for every Znode you have. Once the protx has been included into a block, you should see your node in your wallet’s Znode tab.

If you have a large number of nodes and the same feeSourceAddress, it is recommended to do the registration in small batches and proceed with the next batch after the previous one has been included in a block.

If the protx register command failed to broadcast for some reason, you can right-click on the transaction in the Transactions list, select ‘Copy raw transaction data’, paste it into this page and click ‘Send transaction’ to broadcast it.

If you have any questions, please ask in our Telegram channel or e-mail