Dr. Pepper Is Giving Away A Gaming Chair With A Built-In Fridge – Bleeding Cool News

Dr. Pepper is working with NTWRK and streamer Fuslie to give away a customized gaming chair complete with its own built-in mini-fridge. As you can see from the image featuring Leslie “Fuslie” Fu, this is a custom lounge recliner chair which they are touting is the first to feature a built-in refrigerator that holds 18 12 oz. cans. (Standard size, not tallboys.) It makes for a lovely setup to kick back and play games or just enjoy watching whatever you’re into. So what do you have to do to enter this contest and try to snag one of these chairs? You need to download the NTWRK app from either iOS or Android, because they want you to be involved in what they do if they’re giving you a chair, and then follow this link after you’ve done so. The contest will run until October 14th, so best of luck to all of you looking to enter.
Teaming up with leading livestream shopping app NTWRK, Fuslie and Dr Pepper designed a fun, unique way for gamers to enjoy Dr Pepper without having to interrupt their gaming sessions. Rigorous research and development went into creating the first gaming chair with a built-in refrigerator, resulting in a sleek recliner that keeps gamers fueled up. The truly custom chair includes Fuslie’s personal touches, featuring her signature and icon, as well as anime artwork she co-created with a friend depicting her drinking a Dr Pepper with the brand’s iconic “The One You Deserve” message.
“Whether you’re playing, watching, or even daydreaming about gaming, you deserve a Dr Pepper. That’s why we teamed up with Fuslie to create the first-ever gaming chair with a built-in refrigerator, designed to hold 18 cans of Dr Pepper! Now you can celebrate all of your deserve-worthy moments by treating yourself to a Dr Pepper, all without ever pressing pause,” said Derek Dabrowski, Vice President of Marketing at Keurig Dr Pepper.
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