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ZOTAC GTX 1070Source: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central
For those who like to keep up on the state of the gaming industry and the financial machinations happening behind the scenes, IDC has a writeup that not only includes concrete shipment numbers from years’ past but also outlines some educated predictions as to what sorts of figures the industry could see as it moves toward the year 2025.
Gaming PCs saw shipments of 41.3 million units back in 2020. That figure is expected to balloon to 52.3 million units in 2025.
As to why the increase is predicted to be so large? Here’s one piece of evidence IDC uses to come to such conclusions in its report: In the second quarter of 2021, a combined total of 15.6 million gaming PCs and monitors were shipped, which is a 19.3% increase over the second quarter of 2020 (2Q20). That trend shows no signs of slowing, meaning growth is anticipated to continue, at least for the next half-decade.
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In the 2020-25 timeframe, monitors are expected to boost shipment volumes from the 2020 total of 14.2 million units to 26.4 million in 2025.
Idc ChartIdc ChartSource: IDC
Over the next five years, many gamers will contribute to these estimates and stats by picking up one of the best computer monitors or best gaming desktop PCs. But what’s unknown is how many of them will be compelled to do so as a result of Windows 11‘s requirements.
Specifically, the TPM hard floor could necessitate an upgrade for some, with its upcoming impact on those who build their own PCs still an unknown. DIY gamers don’t have OEMs ensuring their machines come with TPM tech or have it enabled, meaning some gamers may have an unpleasant wake-up call on October 5.
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MelGeek just released a 68% mechanical keyboard that’s both transparent and friendly to modding with hot-swappable switches. It’s a little pricey, but an excellent place to start with custom keyboards.
If your PC somehow does not have Trusted Platform Module (TPM) support through firmware and your UEFI BIOS, we’d recommend checking your motherboard manual for a TPM header. If you have one present, you can try to see if one of these will be compatible to get you ready for Windows 11.
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