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Razer has definitely built a cult of personality around its range of RGB encrusted products. While some people go absolutely nuts over these accessories, others don’t particularly believe the hype. Credit where credit is due, however, because when Razer does something right, it really does it right.
If you’re looking to give your gaming PC a bit of a refresh, there are a solid clutch of Razer-related deals running over at Amazon currently for its range of gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, and more.

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A few of the highlight deals that are currently available include almost 60% off the Razer BlackWidow Green Switch mechanical keyboard, which you can now grab for $99, down from $239. If you’re not a mechanical keyboard person, the Razer Cynosa V2 membrane keyboard is on sale for $69, which is just over 40% off its usual RRP.

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In terms of mice deals, the Razer DeathAdder Essential is a pretty great gaming mouse, and you can’t really go past being able to snag one for just under $40. The same goes for the Razer Viper Mini, if you’re looking for something smaller.

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The Razer Kraken Tournament Edition gaming headset is also on sale for $99.99, so you can save a nice $69.96 off its usual $169.95 price tag.
You can check more deals below.
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And if you need a mousepad to go with your new mouse:
Chris firmly believes that pop culture peaked with Prince's 'Batdance'.
Even at that price I would recommend people stay away. I had nothing but problems with my Razer laptop. When I sent it back for repairs they stripped the screws on the motherboard which meant the fans came loose and started rubbing loudly. When I sent it back I asked how this could have happened, and they asked whether it had been worked on before. When I told them they had worked on it and them only they refused to accept responsibility. This went back and forth with them for over 6 months. Eventually I went through to the ACCC, Fair Trade, etc. who contacted them but they refused to concede so I was advised to take it to tribunal. Because they don’t have an Australian office, going to tribunal would have been a massive pain so I just gave up. I will never purchase Razer again and after my experience I suggest to everyone steer clear of Razer laptops.
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