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Android Apps & Games / Holiday Gift Guide 2021: PC, Console, & Mobile Gaming Accessories
There are TONS of gaming accessories and hardware out there that it can be a challenge to narrow things down to the best ones, but our gift guide has your back. Should you go with that controller? Is this the best headset? Maybe you should buy this SSD over that one.
This guide is here to help you forget all those questions, or at the very least make it a little easier in trying to pick something out. Whether it’s a gift for yourself or someone else. In this gift guide, we’ve rounded up a collection of some of the best gaming accessories you can find. Some will be affordable, others might be a bit pricey but in the end they’ll also be worth it.
This gaming accessories guide is in addition to other guides for similar sets of products, like our Best M.2 NVMe SSDs For PS5, as well as our guide for Best Gaming Headsets. Just to name a couple.
Western Digital WD Black SSD Battlefield 2042 2Western Digital WD Black SSD Battlefield 2042 2
There’s a few good reasons to grab this SSD, but one of the best reasons and why this is one of the best gaming accessories on our gift guide is because it gives you early access to the Battlefield 2042 open beta. Now, keep in mind that early access for the beta starts October 6. And the redemption code is inside the box. So you’ll have to get a hold of it before October 8 if you want early access ahead of other players.
Aside from that, it also comes with a free code for the full standard edition of the game. Hardware-wise, it has read speeds of up to 3,600MB/s. And it comes in 500GB and 1TB storage options.
Logitech Pro X Lightspeed Wireless Gaming HeadsetLogitech Pro X Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Headset
It wouldn’t be a gaming accessories gift guide without some headsets, and one of the best ones you can pick up is definitely the Logitech G Pro X Wireless. We’ve been using this headset for PC gaming for a couple of months now and it’s the only headset that for us, has held a candle to our absolute favorite – the EPOS GSP 670.
With the Logitech G Pro X Wireless, you have 7.1 surround sound, a detachable boom mic, 2.4GHz low-latency wireless connection, very solid headset construction, and my personal favorite feature, the long range which is about 15 meters, or 49 feet. Meaning you can likely get up and grab something from the fridge without sound cutting out.
Aside from that, it has excellent audio quality, and the mic quality is great as well.
SCUF Instinct Instinct Pro 1 1SCUF Instinct Instinct Pro 1 1
The SCUF Instinct Pro is a top contender for the best Xbox wireless controller out there. Thanks to its customization options with the design, and the many features. One of the coolest features in fact is the instant triggers, which shorten the pull time of the trigger so it acts like a mouse click. This means faster shots and potentially a better K/D.
The controller also features four back paddle buttons that can be mapped to just about anything. You also get up to three unique game control profiles, as well as an optional wired setup by plugging in the controller with the included USB-C cable.
There’s a lot more features than what’s mentioned here. But trust us. If you play games on Xbox and/or PC, you want this controller.
EPOS H3 HybridEPOS H3 Hybrid
We’ve been using this headset off and on for both PC and PS5 (when plugged into the DualSense controller) for the past couple of weeks and we love it. For a less expensive option than something like the G Pro X Wireless, the H3 Hybrid from EPOS wowed us with its comfort and sound quality.
This is the follow-up to the H3, which was wired only, so this one gains a Bluetooth wireless connection. Among other things. While we did like the old headset, it had some drawbacks that we felt EPOS mostly addressed with this new one. Including the flip up/down boom mic which is now detachable using a slick magnetic design. It still has the flat volume dial like on the standard H3, but it’s definitely improved and easier to adjust.
Overall, this is a great headset, and one of the best gaming accessories you’ll find on this gift guide.
Razer Huntsman V2 1Razer Huntsman V2 1
Razer makes some of the best gaming accessories out there, which is why we tossed a few of its best options in this gift guide. One that stands out is the new Huntsman V2 TKL model, which comes with improved switches for more lifetime clicks and faster response times. It’s also tenkeyless, which means you get more space on your desk for everything else because the keyboard isn’t as big.
Naturally, this also has Chroma lighting as do most of Razer’s products. This is a wired keyboard though. So if you want something wireless, we suggest something like the Logitech G915 TKL which is in our Best Gaming Keyboards guide. Or the Cooler Master keyboard down below.
Cooler Master MM711Cooler Master MM711
Cooler Master may not be as well-know or popular these days as brands like Razer, but they still make some killer gaming accessories. The MM711 Lightweight Gaming Mouse is one of them. And it’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t need a whole lot of buttons and just wants something light.
If you like light gaming mice, they don’t get too much lighter than the MM711. So you can whip your hands around the mouse mat for twitch movements. This mice also comes in black and white, and comes with RGB lighting.
Other features include a durable ultraweave cable, a 16,000 DPI for pinpoint accuracy, and switches that are rated at 20 million+ clicks.
Cooler Master SK622Cooler Master SK622
Yep. Cooler Master also makes gaming keyboards and if you want something realllly small, the SK622 just might be the keyboard for you. It’s a 60% keyboard so it takes up way less space than something like the Huntsman V2 TKL.
This is also wireless, it comes with RGB lightning, ergonomic keycaps, and it uses a USB-C port for charging and when you want to use the keyboard in a wired mode.
Midnight Black and Cosmic Red DualSense Controller 1Midnight Black and Cosmic Red DualSense Controller 1
The DualSense controller is a modern marvel in controllers. While the PlayStation controllers aren’t everybody’s favorite, it’s hard to argue that the DualSense isn’t amazing. Thanks to the advanced haptics and adaptive triggers.
If you own a PS5, you already have at least one controller. But Sony also now sells it in two other colors. A black and a red option. Plus, even if you stick with the white controller so it matches your console, it never hurts to have extras for when the main one needs the battery recharged.
Best PS5 DualSense Charging StationsBest PS5 DualSense Charging Stations
And keeping with the PS5 theme, if you have more than one DualSense controller you definitely want the official Sony charging stand. This way you can keep up to two controllers topped up with battery power while you any others.
Then you will always have a controller ready to go, and without having to plug it in with a USB-C cable. That is unless you play multiplayer games locally with two or three other people and drain the batteries down on all of them. Still, this is one of the best gaming accessories in this gift guide and for the PS5 in general.
Razer Universal Charging Stand 1Razer Universal Charging Stand 1
Sony isn’t the only company that makes charging stands for its controllers. Microsoft does too. And as a matter of fact, Razer now makes a Universal Quick Charging Stand for Xbox. This will work with all generations of Xbox wireless controllers. So even if you have some from the Xbox One era without the newly added share button, this will still work.
Having said that, these are great for the new wireless controllers that come with the Xbox Series X|S too. Because they match some of the colors those controllers are offered in.
Razer Hammerhead True Wireless V2 10Razer Hammerhead True Wireless V2 10
For gaming, these have been one of our favorite pairs of true wireless earbuds of late. The low-latency gaming mode makes a big difference in most games on mobile, and these come with chroma lightning which is a first for Razer’s true wireless earbuds.
These also have better sound quality than the first pair, and they’re almost as good as the Pro model at $100 less. They’re hard to beat, whether you use them for gaming, music, videos and more.
HyperX Pulsefire Mat RGBHyperX Pulsefire Mat RGB
Mouse mats aren’t necessarily required for PC gaming but they sure do make a huge difference. This new one from HyperX offers a smooth cloth gliding surface for your mouse while also providing you with ample space for your keyboard and everything else.
Plus it has some neat RGB lighting if you like that sort of thing for your setup. At $50, it’s available at a pretty good price compared to other similar products.
Seagate Firecuda 530Seagate Firecuda 530
You could certainly use this SSD for a PC, and it would be an excellent choice. But, the reason we have it listed here is because it’s compatible with the PS5. And it comes in multiple storage size options including up to 4TB.
With super fast read and write speeds, this is potentially your best option for PS5 expandable storage. Or at the very least one of the top options to consider.
Samsung 980 Pro NVMe SSDSamsung 980 Pro NVMe SSD
Another solid option if you want extra storage on your PS5 through the expandable storage slot, is Samsung’s 980 pro. This is another excellent M.2 NVMe SSD that has been confirmed as compatible with the PS5. It comes in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB size options, which is still a good amount of extra storage compared to the internal amount the console offers.
Microsoft Wireless Stereo Headset for Xbox Series X 5Microsoft Wireless Stereo Headset for Xbox Series X 5
Rounding out this list is Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless headset for the Xbox Series X|S. It’s available at a really affordable price point of $99, which means it’s an easy pickup for gifts this holiday. And it offers pretty good audio with a whole host of useful features.
It might not be quite on par with Bang & Olufsen’s high-end Beoplay Portal, but then again that’s also $400 more.
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