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The monitor is one of the most important parts of a computer setup. After all, why invest in a bunch of high-end computer equipment if you can’t display it in all its full-color, high frame-rate glory? Luckily for consumers, there are tons of great monitors on the market right now, and even some of the best don’t command massive price tags. Depending on what you need it for, you can almost certainly find the right monitor for you in an acceptable price range.
If you spend all day looking at a screen, it’s important to get a good one. Quality monitors sport dependable, low-flicker or flicker-free backlights that minimize eye strain and keep your eyes from bugging out after a full day of work. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a fortune on something you can use for hours on end.
Dell UltraSharp U2720Q: available at Amazon
At 27 inches, you can’t make out individual pixels on a 4K screen with the naked eye. Aside from even that, this widely respected monitor offers an image quality that is just about unparalleled, even among other UHD models. Its premium ergonomics and ultra-thin bezel make it that much more attractive.
Asus ProArt PA278CV: available at Amazon
Professional photo and video editors will appreciate this 1440p monitor because of its impressive factory calibration and complete sRGB gamut coverage, which makes it ideal for anyone who designs and publishes online content. However, its lack of Adobe RGB support makes it unsuitable for high-level print production.
Dell U3818DW: available at Amazon
This relatively massive monitor has so much room that it’s right at home utilizing its powerful split-screen capabilities. There’s even an integrated KVM switch that lets you connect it with two computers and sets of peripherals and switch between them at the push of a button.
Philips Brilliance 279P1: available at Amazon
While the Philips E-Line has a number of great options, the 279P1 boasts some advanced features like 122% sRGB gamut coverage and USB-C connectivity for added versatility. To top it off, it doesn’t even cost very much.
Acer ConceptD CM3 CM3271K: available at Amazon
Because it covers nearly the entire Adobe RGB color space, it’s ideal for visual artists who plan on transferring their work to paper, canvas or other physical media. It is a little pricey, but still less costly than its competitors, and offers HDR support for advanced editing.
LG UltraFine 34BK95U-W: available at Amazon
The UltraFine family was designed specifically for Mac users and, in fact, was one of the only recent monitor lines officially licensed by Apple. As such, you can be certain that it’s easy to use and perfectly calibrated for use with MacBooks. Its high resolution, ultrawide form factor and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity make it ideal for multi-tasking.
Samsung Odyssey G7: available at Amazon and Staples
A 1440p resolution paired with a 240Hz refresh rate makes this one of the best high-performing gaming monitors under $1,000. Its aggressive 1000R curve offers dedicated gamers plenty of immersion while minimizing washout and fade on the corners and edges.
Asus TUF VG258QM: available at Amazon and Staples
Competitive gamers love this model because it combines a whopping 280Hz refresh rate with a pixel response time as low as 0.5ms, which results in ultra-smooth gaming with roughly the lowest possible input latency. In fact, scientific studies show that the most talented gamers can benefit measurably from this kind of low latency and high frame-rate display.
AOC CQ32G2S: available at Amazon
If you’re on a moderate budget but insist on a high frame rate, this is one of your best options. It’s one of the latest in a line of high-performing, reasonably priced monitors and sports a 165Hz refresh rate and an immersive 1500R curvature. It even comes with an impressive three-year “no dead pixels” warranty, ensuring its long lifespan.
LG C1 OLED TV: available at Amazon
While it’s not technically a computer monitor, this is one of the finest displays of any type on the market. Its HDMI 2.1 capability, variable refresh rate and premium HDR support make it primed for the newest games and graphics cards, and its OLED panel delivers just about the best image quality of any display in history. The only real drawback is that it’s vulnerable to image burn-in over the long term, but if you use dynamic wallpapers, hide the taskbar and play a variety of games, you shouldn’t run into any issues.
Samsung Odyssey G5: available at Amazon
Measuring 32 inches with a 2560 x 1440 resolution, Samsung’s budget-oriented model delivers a great deal of performance at a mid-range price. Its claimed 1ms pixel response time promises to reduce ghosting and provide smooth movement at any frame rate.
LG 32UN500-W: available at Amazon
As long as you’re not concerned with high refresh rates, this is one of the best affordable 4K options you’ll find. It sports 90% coverage of the cinematic DCI-P3 color space as well as AMD FreeSync, which reduces or eliminates judder and tearing as long as the frame rate doesn’t drop too sharply.
LG 32QN600-B: available at Amazon
This one comes in four versions ranging from 24 to 32 inches. If you want plenty of real estate to work with, go with the largest option, but the smaller model offers a surprisingly clear picture for something so affordable.
Acer SB240Y: available at Amazon
There’s nothing particularly shocking about this straightforward monitor, and at this price, it’s ideal for a secondary display or for those who use their PC only casually. Despite being about as entry-level as they get, it still offers nice features like a 75Hz refresh rate with Radeon FreeSync support.
BenQ GL2480: available at Amazon
They’re known mostly for high-end displays tailored toward esports players and professional artists, but BenQ’s budget-friendly options are also great choices. One of the most cost-effective of their lowest lineup is the GL2480, which sports a 75Hz refresh rate for smooth day-to-day use and proprietary eye-comfort technology that reduces flicker and blue light exposure for those prolonged sessions.
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