How to fix New World Black Screen on PC – Game Revolution

Amazon Studios’ MMORPG New World is out now. However, a black screen error is plaguing PC players, preventing them from digging into the expansive online experience. If you’re being affected by this, fear not, as we’re here to provide the solution. Read on to see how to fix the New World black screen error on PC.
New World Black ScreenNew World Black Screen
To fix the black screen in New World, you’ll need to make sure your hardware is up to scratch.
Amazon Studios has confirmed that New World needs 8 GB of RAM to load up and run properly. It’s crucial you’ve got that much on your system, or the game will not initialize as normal – hence why the black screen error occurs.
It’s also a good idea to monitor your graphics settings, as any issue there could also cause the black screen. Make sure that your graphics driver is fully up to date, and try uninstalling and reinstalling if the issue still persists. In this case, it’s worth restarting your PC after tweaking the graphics settings, to ensure the settings are properly recognized by your system.
Since the New World black screen error is usually down to problems with hardware, checking your RAM and graphics settings is the most helpful approach. While these manual fixes will work, it’ll only be a matter of time until Amazon Studios releases a patch for the problem. That should hopefully solve it for good – but until then, you’ll have to fiddle with hardware settings.
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