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About a decade ago, Intel® pioneered the term “ultrabook” and redefined the world of laptops. Intel® necessitated the use of SSDs and ultra-thin form factor laptops – hence the term “ultrabook”. Intel® didn’t stop innovating as the ultrabook branding has evolved to the new Intel®️ Evo™️ Platform.
Intel Evo ensures premium, stylish, and powerful laptops for today's modern life 1 Intel Evo certification
These new Intel®️ Evo™️ Platform of laptops still require the laptops to be using an SSD and have an ultra-thin form factor, but now includes these 6 different aspects before it can be a part of the Intel®️ Evo™️ Platform laptop:
We have already reviewed a few laptops that are Intel®️ Evo™️ certified – like MSI Prestige 14 Evo. It’s a laptop that is both thin and powerful, and we thoroughly enjoyed using the laptop – all thanks to the quality that Intel®️ Evo™️ Platform ensures.

These laptops are also insanely powerful as could even play games and edit videos on them as the Intel® Iris® Xe is very powerful. I am thoroughly impressed.
Since these laptops are also thin and light, they are literally stylish yet powerful machines that we can bring wherever we go for both work and play, while guaranteeing an impressively long battery life.

We also used these Intel®️ Evo™️ laptops for Zoom calls, Google Meet meetings, and large Word and Excel sheets running together. Yet the laptop still handles all of the tasks with instant responsiveness thanks to the 11th Gen Intel® Core® processors.
Even my WiFi quality in the office is extremely fast and reliable thanks to that Intel® WiFi 6. Plus, the Thunderbolt® 4 ports mean that I can hook it up to my desktop setup with just one cable to connect to my monitor, keyboard, mouse, and USB hubs – and that is very convenient.

With such versatility, these Intel®️ Evo™️ certified laptops are fantastic for small businesses that require high-performing laptops and portability. Even go-getter individuals who are always on the move and need a thin-and-light laptop for work and play will find these Intel® Evo laptops to be magnificent.

Oh by the way – these Intel®️ Evo™️ laptops are also very power-efficient as it can be charged with any 65W USB PD chargers via a USB-C cable. Plus, these laptops can also be quick-charged for 30 minutes to get 4 or more hours of battery life.
To learn more about the Intel®️ Evo™️ Platform, click here. Or, you can speak to someone about the Intel®️ Evo™️ Platform by clicking here.
Glad you asked – there are a bunch of different options when it comes to laptops with the Intel®️ Evo™️ certification. Here are a few of them that you can take a look:
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