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It’s been known for a little while that AMD was getting ready to release its RX 6600 GPU, but recent developments pinpoint a potential release date.
Even in the midst of a global tech shortage, with people struggling to get hold of new PC components or consoles, companies like AMD and Nvidia are still keen to put out new products. Rumors about Nvidia possibly looking to leap into the next GPU generation have surfaced recently, with talk about its next hardware doing the rounds. Naturally, its rival company does not want to be left behind. With that, some new developments about one of its upcoming graphics cards hints at a potential release date, plus some extra details.
According to a report from Videocardz, the upcoming AMD Radeon RX 6600 should be arriving this October, with reviews being out by October 13, meaning the actual launch day should be sometime after that. The report also says that samples will possibly be sent out in the middle of next week. There is no confirmed release date from official sources, but there is an embargo on unleashing things like benchmark tests or performance until 9am EDT on October 13.
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One thing that has been confirmed, according to the source, is the spec for the GPU. Earlier this year, there was a leak showing the RAM for the AMD RX 6600, as well as the 6600 XT, which showed that both will have 8 GB of GDDR6. Videocardz has since said that this is indeed what the memory of the product will be, but goes on to say that 4 GB and 6 GB variations have not been listed.
As it stands, there are two major combatants in the graphics card arms race, AMD and Nvidia. However, a new opponent is about to enter the metaphorical ring. Recently, Intel announced it would be releasing its own line of GPUs, with the first model, known as Alchemist, coming sometime next year. While the tech company has made dedicated graphics cards for many years, Alchemist will represent the first of a series of third-party products that Intel hopes will go head-to-head with the other two veterans on the market. That's if anyone can actually get hold of it, what with the tech world still experiencing a shortage of hardware.
On top of that, graphics card prices and availability are set to worsen, despite recent trends showing that things were improving. Both AMD and Nvidia seem very keen to pump out new products to keep on top of the market, but until things begin to improve, it feels all for naught if PC users and gamers can't actually buy them.
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Source: Videocardz
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