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Perfect for those of you that brought pre-builts.
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Epic Games’ free games section has updated once again, providing gamers with complimentary copies of Europa Universalis 4. Alongside that update was the big announcement that the next free game in October would be PC Building Simulator
PC Building Simulator is a 2018 game developed and published by The Irregular Corporation, where gamers can build computers in a workshop using simulated versions of real world components that have been officially licensed from companies like AMD and NVIDIA and their partners. 
For those that don’t know their way around the inside of a PC, it can be quite educational. And it’s a business sim on the side – as you order in parts and make sure you get them in and the PC fixed on time. We assume another part of the appeal is that it’s a bit like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, given extra luster with the fact that the newest GPUs are still nearly impossible to get in the real world.
Once your build is complete, players can see how their would-be machines perform in benchmarks! What a non-stop thrill ride.
PC Building Simulator will be available for free between October 7, 2021 and October 14, 2021. If you grab it, you’ll get to keep it forever. After October 14, 2021 the game will still be available on EGS, but people will have to pay for it.
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