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PS5 restocks in the United Kingdom are reportedly coming this month. Most importantly, UK residents should watch out for GAME, one of the most popular retailers in the country.
According to the latest report, this store will drop the upcoming batch of the next-gen consoles soon.
According to a report by T3 on Thursday, Oct.7, those who want to purchase PlayStation 5 in the UK should know that there could be a potential restock coming to GAME.
Last month, the report suggested that the retailer was preparing for a possible PS5 stock wave. Somehow, this news could hint that GAME is offering console bundles on its website.
PS5 Stock Uk, a famous console tracker on Twitter, has posted a tweet recently about the upcoming GAME sales. According to the source, the store would open orders for the gaming gadgets in the next few weeks of October.
The exact schedule for the online PS5 restock in the UK could fall on Oct.21, based on the information provided by the console tracker.
Since this is just speculation, it’s always better to regularly check GAME’s webpage for confirmation.
Again, there are no official announcements yet from the retailer. However, what PS5 Stock UK posted could potentially happen since its previous prediction about the Oct.12 sale of PlayStation 5 took place on the said date.
Somehow, if the stocks do not arrive on Oct.21, we could anticipate that they would be released from the store before November. For UK customers who are looking for this console, it is your perfect time to buy if the news about the GAME is true. 
After discussing the potential PS5 restock coming from GAME, Tom’s Guide shared the updated tracker for the console drops in the US.
Here are the last restock dates of the select shops in the country.
Sam’s Club (October 1)
Costco (April 22)
Antonline (September 23)
Kohl’s (April 21)
Newegg (April 29)
Sony (September 28)
Target (October 1)
Dell (August 25)
Amazon (September 21)
GameStop (September 28)
Best Buy (October 1)
Walmart (September 23)
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PS5 consoles are getting harder to obtain, according to some buyers. In line with this, there’s a possibility that we could experience a shortage on the future console stocks, AMD CEO Lisa Su predicted.
In a report by Spieltimes, the tech boss said that the PS5 restock issue could land by next year. It could take place from June to September 2022.
Amid the ongoing global chip crisis, the AMD CEO shared what would be the scenario for the PS5 buyers. Since Su’s company is focused on chip manufacturing, this concern is normal, especially for semiconductor makers. Since the pandemic started, many firms struggled to get raw materials from their suppliers.
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