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35$ for a Mechanical Gaming Keyboard? With RGB too? Madness
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Mechanical keyboards have long been venerated by PC Gamers for their improved tactility and responsiveness over the traditional membrane style, but the prices can soar as high as hundreds of dollars. This makes them less than accessible for many gamers which is unfortunate, as they really are a game-changer when it comes to typing and gaming experience. After trying it, it’s almost impossible to go back.
Luckily for you dear reader, occasionally a good deal pops up out there which could save your wallet a lot of pain. Today is one of those days as we’ve found a huge 38% discount on the Motospeed mechanical RGB gaming keyboard. This takes the price from $56.99 all the way down to $35.26, saving a total of $21.73. Not too bad at all.
This board comes with all the trimmings you can come to expect these days from a mechanical keyboard; N-key rollover, customizable RGB backlighting, and double-shot keycaps, and Key Switches rated for 50 million keystrokes. The board also has the popular 87-key layout, compact, but fully functional. Another feature is the transparent body frame, allowing the RGB lighting to flow free from the keyboard and cast swathes of light across your entire desk. impressive for $35.
As this product is on Amazon Prime you could have a new RGB board on your desk, shining throughout your room this time tomorrow!

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