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I feel very honored to write this review, the very first Superman-themed gaming chair from the very best gaming chair company in the world: Secretlab.
Superman is someone very close to my heart, where anyone that knows me or has spent time with me talking about Superman (and all the movies, Smallville, Lois & Clark, Superboy, and all incarnations of Superman in between). The soundtracks are big parts of my life, bringing me joy and emotion during hard times, and now I have a Superman chair.
Schucks, I’ve even got a Superman – Black Suit 1:4 scale statue made by Weta Workshop in New Zealand, at a cost of $900 + shipping that is on the way. I’m waiting with patience for that in early 2022, and it will be beautiful up on my shelf with all-things Superman, and now a Superman gaming chair.
I still remember getting my boss and owner of TweakTown, Cam, to ring up my airline and delay my flight after Computex because Man of Steel was debuting in Taiwan over 2 weeks earlier than Australia. I watched it and had my jaw on the floor in how good it was, and then saw it 4 more times in Australia.
While at GTC in San Jose, Califoria, I saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice nearly 2 weeks earlier than the debut in Australia, using my job to enjoy something Superman-related, earlier than I would’ve if I had been in my home country.
During all of my literally thousands of hours of travel over 2013-2019 before the pandemic hit, where I was flying to and from the US 5-6 times per year on average, and 2-3 other big 30-50 hour return trips per year, I was listening to the soundtracks of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
So when Secretlab told me they were working on a new Superman chair, and that I was one of the very first to know about it, and now one of the very first to get a chair sent to me… I was truly honored.
I spoke with Alaric Choo, co-founder of Secretlab, before receiving the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Superman Edition gaming chair, and had a great chat about the company, our lives, and Superman. He knows I’m a huge fan of Superman, so I had some good questions to throw at him beforehand.
To some Superman fans, the suit design between all of the movies (even if we just stick in the new Henry Cavill-led Superman movies) I knew the design would be closer to the suit to Zack Snyder’s suit design in Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League.
The older Superman: The Movie suit from the days of Christopher Reeve, is iconic — but too old in my opinion. I would’ve liked it, maybe a different universe Superman 1978 Edition gaming chair would be awesome too, Secretlab. I think that would look great, if Secretlab right into the camp of the ’78 Superman suit.
(this is my eldest daughter Delilah, standing with the Superman figurine I purchased for myself when Man of Steel was released, I’m really just a big kid lol)
The suit design and specific detail that Snyder is so great with, looks absolutely nerd-out awesome on the Secretlab TITAN Evo Superman Edition gaming chair. I was totally screaming out when unboxing the chair and marveling at the detail, the exquisite work that Secretlab is leaps and bounds away from its competitors with.
The only thing I was let down with, but I agree with Alaric and Secretlab in the end, is the older S design was used from the ’78 Superman suit. I would’ve much, much preferred the “S” design from the Snyder suits from the Henry Cavill Superman movies. But the older S is more iconic in terms of it being around for many decades, but maybe again I’d love to see a different iteration of Secretlab Superman Edition gaming chair.
It would be great to have this chair, then another ’78 Superman Edition and Snyder Cut Superman Edition… man, how good would that be.
Ian Ang, co-founder and CEO of Secretlab explains: “The epic stories of the DC Super Heroes have always been deeply intertwined so we knew we wanted an equally epic lineup of chairs to supercharge the experience for fans as they dive into the DC Universe”.
“Featuring the iconic duo of Superman and The Flash in this latest expansion was an obvious choice. Nothing says an immersive experience like reading your favorite DC comics or playing DC video games in a Secretlab chair inspired by a beloved DC character, and this is just the start of all the exciting stuff we’ve got planned for fans!”
Vikram Sharma, the Head of Consumer Products, Advertising & Partnerships, WarnerMedia India, Southeast Asia, & Korea said: “DC FanDome in October is the ultimate celebration of all things DC. What better way to experience it than sitting in one of these awesome chairs from Secretlab to immerse yourself fully! We’re really pleased to continue our long-standing partnership and build on earlier sell-out products including The Dark Knight, The Joker and Game of Thrones”.
Secretlab unveiled the new TITAN Evo 2022 Superman Edition gaming chair during DC FanDome 2021, alongside the new The Flash Edition gaming chair. The new Superman and The Flash gaming chairs join Secretlab’s current Secretlab DC Collection gaming chairs, with the Batman and The Joker Edition gaming chairs.
The company is making the new Superman and The Flash Edition gaming chairs available in their Secretlab 2022 Series in 3 different sizes: Small, Regular, and XL.
I think one of the things that is just to cheese for 2021 and 2022 is that underwear on the outside of the suit on the Superman suit, which is something that I loved that Snyder did with the suit in Man of Steel. No underwear on the outside, and a very next-level look for the Superman suit.
Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League director had 100s of iterations of the Superman suit, changing it for the better, and for the future. The final suit design for Man of Steel was the layout for the two changed suits in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League.
Secretlab took inspiration from the new version of the Superman suit, while retaining the ’78 Superman “S”. As I said earlier in my review, I would much prefer the Man of Steel “S” — which in that movie isn’t an “S” it’s the symbol of Hope for the House of El.
The “S” aside, Secretlab’s new TITAN Evo 2022 Superman Edition gaming chair is a fantastic release. It’s one of the most exotic gaming chairs, and probably the best gaming chair ever made. Secretlab is no stranger to high-end gaming chairs, nor are they strangers to Superhero-themed gaming chairs.
I’ve got the Secretlab TITAN 2020 Cyberpunk 2077 Edition gaming chair here, which looks absolutely fantastic in-person, so much so that it has become a part of my backdrop for the photos I take in all of my reviews.
Secretlab starts things off with a huge “S” on the front of the chair, which just looks so good. As I’ve explained through the review, Secretlab went with the more classic ’78 Superman ‘S’ compared to the Zack Snyder universe and Henry Cavill’s Superman with the updated, modern ‘S’.
Only Secretlab offers this incredibly OCD attention to detail, it is fantastic. As a huge Superman fan and enthusiast, I absolutely love that.
The back is just as strong to your eyes as the front. The same modern lines and suit design from the Zack Snyder Superman suit are here though, which again — Secretlab, seriously that is so god damn good — mixed in with the classic ‘S’.
All of the details on the Secretlab Superman Edition gaming chair is just awesome, I seriously am totally in love with it. I’m a little biased, being a huge Superman fan, but seriously you can’t knock the design work here by Secretlab. No other company comes close.
It’s funny, as a huge Superman fan it’s not just the Last Son of Krypton that I love, it’s the Smallville and Earth parents that make Clark Kent someone to remember, too. Clark Kent is a News Reporter for the Daily Planet, and then in the last 11 years of my career, I’ve been a News Reporter for TweakTown.
Funny how that works, but while I might be like Clark Kent… I’m no Kryptonian. But sitting in the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Superman Edition gaming chair makes me feel a bit more Kryptopian, and walking up to the chair I definitely feel like this is what Superman would have for his gaming PC setup in the Fortress of Solitude.
Here’s a little-known fact, because I’m that kind of nerd — but Superman actor Henry Cavill is a gamer, and a PC gamer specifically. Before he was known for his love of PC gaming in the last few years, I still remember the fact that Henry missed the call from his agent that let him know he won the role of Clark Kent and Superman in Man of Steel, because he was playing World of Warcraft.
Yeah, Henry Cavill missed the call telling him he was Superman because he was in the middle of a WoW raid. Henry Cavill absolutely needs to have the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Superman Edition gaming chair in his setup, and if he doesn’t… that needs to change. Superman needs to have the Superman gaming chair. It would be an injustice not to.
If you’re a Superman fan and need a new gaming chair, there is literally no better chair for you than the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Superman Edition gaming chair.
On this chair, the S isn’t just for Superman or the Symbol of Hope, but Secretlab.
Superman fans should be saying one thing when they see the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Superman Edition gaming chair… the words of General Zod from Man of Steel: “I WILL FIND HIM!!!”.

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