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Find out whether you should buy Battlefield 2042 on PC or console. Here are the major differences found from the Beta version of the game.
If you’re one of the lucky few to have a next-gen console and a gaming PC, you’ll have to make some big decisions. Which platform should you buy Battlefield 2042 on?
Luckily, YouTuber Xclusive Ace has played the Battlefield 2042 Beta on PS5 and his RTX 3090 gaming PC. What’s more, he has shared his opinions on both versions of the game in his latest video.
Find out whether you should buy Battlefield 2042 on console or PC below.
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Xclusive Ace describes the PS5 graphics as “good” but they definitely don’t compare to the PC version on ultra settings, running on an RTX 3090 graphics card.
Additionally, Ace noticed a lot of pop-in on the PS5 version. The suddenly appearing bushes and trees in the distance are quite distracting for players and can even become frustrating.
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Next, onto the performance of next-gen console vs PC in Battlefield 2042.
Xclusive Ace got a slightly disappointing frame rate of roughly 60-90 FPS on the PC version when using ‘Ultra’ settings. Meanwhile, even if there was no FPS counter on the PS5 version, Ace believes that it didn’t drop below 60FPS very often.
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Additionally, Ace claims that he experienced roughly the same amount of bugs and glitches on both the PS5 and PC versions of the game.
Luckily DICE has already confirmed a list of improvements coming to the Battlefield 2042 launch build.
Xclusive Ace also reminds players that your preferred input method is also crucial to which platform you should buy your copy of Battlefield 2042 on.
This is because the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game will definitely not have mouse and keyboard support at launch. Plus, there is no guarantee that support for mouse and keyboard will ever be added down the line either.
Therefore, if you’re a mouse and keyboard player then PC is your only option.
However, Xclusive Ace also has some concerns about the lack of aim assist on console versions of the game. In fact, he actually had a better time on PC despite now regularly playing games with a mouse and keyboard.
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Overall, Xclusive Ace definitely recommends getting Battlefield 2042 on PC at the moment. Not only can you get better graphics and performance on a high-end PC, but the game plays smoother too.
However, Battlefield 2042 should hopefully play well on PS5 and Xbox Series X when DICE has had a bit more time to polish the game.
Although, some players have already canceled their Battlefield 2042 pre-order following the disappointing beta.
Meanwhile, a leaker has revealed the Battlefield 2042 Season 1 map ‘Ridge’. Plus, data mined information has also uncovered every weapon in Battlefield 2042 so far.
Finally, Battlefield will have a zero-tolerance policy for cheaters, What’s more, the anti-cheat in Battlefield 2042 will be the same as Apex Legends.

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