Shroud explains why he thinks gaming all day isn’t “wasting” life – Dexerto

Published: 4/Oct/2021 15:45 Updated: 4/Oct/2021 13:36
Twitch star Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek once again touched on his plans for what happens when his gaming career is over after he reflected on possibly “wasting” his youth with games. 
Although he’s always been known as a lethal FPS player, Shroud has always been one to spread his wings and play pretty much every game out there.
He’s spent days grinding in World of Warcraft – even forking out $13k to make it back home in time for the Blackwing Lair raid when that arrived in WoW Classic.
Most recently, he’s been grinding Amazon Games’ New World, plunging hours upon hours into grinding and tasks. For some, that might be a total waste of time, but not for Shroud.
During his October 4 stream, the former CS:GO star had a bit of a reflection moment when he joked that he was a “loser” for spending so much playing different games.
That comment intrigued some viewers who wanted to see if he was serious or not, so quickly asked if he was wasting his youth grinding out games like New World. “Not really, honestly,” Shroud quickly replied.
“I’m kind of like opposite to the way a lot of people think, like, I think the youth part of me is for gaming and get as much gaming in now when I love it most and then when I get older just dial it back,” he added. “I think that’s a little bit different to the way most people probably think.”

Shroud has never shied away from talking about his gaming future, saying he’ll stream for as long as he has a passion for gaming and if his viewers stick around.  Though, when it comes time to finally retire the mouse and keyboard for good, he might have some extravagant ideas in mind.
“I’m not a very active person, so my activity in my ‘youth’ comes from gaming,” Shroud added. “When I’m older I probably won’t have the mental fortitude or capacity to play games as much as I do now. So, I’m burning all that time and mental energy now while I’m young, and then when I’m older, I’ll probably just chill, go f**king buy an island and f**k off.”

Of course, with this being Shroud, you can never quite tell when he’s joking or being serious, but fans wouldn’t put it past him to completely disappear when he’s ready to say goodbye.
Though, that’s unlikely to be anytime soon. The 27-year-old is still dominating in any game he picks up, and his fans can’t get enough of Twitch streams.
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