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Biggest gaming news of the day includes GTA 5, Capcom, Xbox, and more.
The biggest gaming news of the day includes a call for Rockstar to remove transphobic content from GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced. Additionally, we take a look at the streamers who will be raising money for gaming set-ups in children’s hospitals, Capcom’s desire to make PC it’s main gaming outlet, the Xbox Accessibility Showcase, and how the Chinese government has yet to approve any games in light of its new restrictions.
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LGBTQ+ gaming industry advocate group Out Making Games has written a letter to Rockstar requesting that transphobic content be removed from GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced. Specifically, they want the removal of transphobic NPCs so that the game “will have a positive impact on the new generation of players who will pick up a copy.” Many trans and non-conforming people feel that they are simply the subject of a cruel joke in the game, and considering 2020 was a violent year for trans folk, they feel it would be justified to have this content removed.
The Spooktacular Streamathon event this Halloween will raise money for gaming set-ups in children’s hospitals. More than 550 streamers have already signed up for this event, and that includes bigger names such as Bugha, ProfessorBroman, and Athena. The streamthon runs throughout all of October, ending on Halloween. The event is run by Gamers Outreach, which raised $337,000 during their last streaming event.
After the success of Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom has decided that it wants to make the number of console and PC games equal in 2022-2023, and then even make PC their primary outlet going forward. This news was shared during the Tokyo Game show by president and chief operating officer of Capcom Publishing. By equalizing the games between consoles and PC, he expects that the demand for PC games will become much greater than it is for consoles.
This showcase featured tools that Microsoft, along with the disability community, have built to try and make gaming more accessible. To start, Microsoft wants to make it more clear which games have features that people with disabilities can enjoy, which will happen thanks to a new accessibility panel on each Microsoft Store listing. Quick Settings will also be available to switch accessibility features in a game without having to go back to the main menu. You can read more about the specifics here.
Since August, the Chinese government has started putting strong restrictions on video games, including what they can include and how long people are allowed to play. It seems that developers and publishers are having a difficult time following these restrictions, as no games have been approved since they were put into place. A "wrong set of values," including "gay love" and "effeminate men" are examples of what games are prohibited from including. They even went so far as to say that games would be refused if “regulators can’t tell the character’s gender immediately.”
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