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Biggest news for the day includes Metroid Prime 3, New World, and Genshin Impact.
Biggest gaming news for today includes a recent interview that suggests Metroid Prime 3 had plans to be open world and Genshin Impact players who couldn’t log into the game due to a problem with Twitter services. Additionally, we’ve seen New World devs crack down on those refusing to leave the servers and an update from the devs stating that players will not be able to make new characters in servers that are full. Lastly, the Xbox VP informs us that Xbox shortages will continue into next year.
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In a recent interview, Bryan Walker, who used to be the director of development and producer at Retro before leaving in 2021, confirmed that Metroid Prime 3 was originally planned to be an open world game. Unfortunately, even though some of the content was prototyped, some of the elements were simply too large, so the project was scrapped. Despite this, the current Deck Nine producer makes it known that they’re still very proud of Metroid Prime 3.
In an unexpected event, many Genshin Impact players were unable to log into the game due to “problems with Twitter services.” The tweet addressing this problem was vague, so it’s unclear exactly what the issue is. However, this has certainly put off many players, as they were just recently let down by Genshin Impact’s anniversary event and the very little that they felt they were given from it.
As reported earlier, players were doing anything they could think of to not have to leave the servers for New World, because the wait times to get into the game have been substantial. Thus, players were even running into walls to avoid getting kicked. The developers have shared an update stating that they are implementing a new AFK system in response to this, though they are intentionally vague on what exactly that means.
Because Amazon is still having a problem keeping up with their servers, as a greater number of people than they anticipated are still trying to play the game, they’ve implemented a new measure to try to help with this problem. When servers are full, you will no longer have the option to create new characters, in order to prevent overpopulation. This will not have an impact on any character that is already created.
In a recent interview with The Wrap, Phil Spencer shared that there will still be a shortage on Xbox Series consoles going into next year because there is a chip shortage. In addition to being short on parts, he says there are “multiple kinds of pinch points in [the] process,” suggesting that there’s a lot more that goes into the creation of the consoles that’s holding production up.
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