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A major Twitch data breach makes up today’s top news story, while we also saw other updates on titles including New World and Animal Crossing.
A major Twitch data breach makes up today’s top news story, while we also saw other updates on titles including New World, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, along with review round-ups for Far Cry 6 and Metroid Dread.
Here are the biggest gaming news stories for October 6, 2021.
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Universal Studios Japan will be getting some Pokemon-themed features next year according to a partnership with the Pokemon Company and Universal Studios. While no rides are reportedly planned at the moment, the deal does “open the door” for potential rides and other larger Pokemon-related attractions.
Kirby may be able to take on some of Sora’s abilities in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but he apparently isn’t worthy to wield the Keyblade.
Sylveon is now available in Pokemon Unite, beginning matches as Eevee before evolving into the Fairy-type Pokemon when it hits level four.
PSA for Twitch users: change your password right now. The streaming platform has had a data breach with hackers reportedly gaining access to its source code, which includes payment and personal information. Twitch confirmed that it was, in fact, victim of the hack, and is currently seeking to understand just how much it and its users have/will be impacted.
Rockstar should probably just confirm that a GTA Remastered Trilogy is in the works since data mining leaks just keep on coming suggesting its all but imminent release. This time, a data miner has uncovered the game’s achievement icons inside of the official Rockstar Launcher.
On a similar note, data miners have uncovered cut announcer voice lines from Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, including characters such as Rocko, Stimpy, and Barnacle Boy, leading the community to guess who might be coming to the game as future DLC.
Reviews for Far Cry 6 have been released, with a general consensus that the game doesn’t do much to push the franchise forward in any notable way.
Conversely, Metroid Dread – the first Metroid title to be released in nearly 20 years – has critics raving. Samus is back, y’all.
Talk about calling your shot! A Twitter user accurately predicted every Smash DLC Fighter two years ago.
A 20-minute Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct will stream on Friday, October 15, detailing DLC plans for the upcoming season.
Despite its bogged-down release, New World has expanded its game servers to “more than double” what was available at launch.
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Squid Game has now been recreated in Roblox, Fortnite, and also on PS1. Well, sort of.
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