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Biggest gaming news for today includes The Witcher, League of Legends: Arcane, and more.
Missed today’s gaming news? Never fear, we’ve got you covered. Biggest gaming news today includes the confirmation of The Witcher season three and a new trailer and release date for League of Legends’ new Netflix series, Arcane. Other notable news includes an update on Bayonetta 3, scalpers trying to ruin everything (this time through Pokemon Oreos), and Fall Guys claiming the title of most downloaded PS Plus game of all time.
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Today, the official Twitter page for The Witcher released a very short clip, confirming that season three of The Witcher will be coming. The clip showed the symbols for Gwynbleidd (The White Wolf), Zireael (Swallow), and the Obsidian Star morph into three marks, symbolizing season three. Additionally, a second Witcher anime feature has been confirmed as well as a new kid-friendly Witcher series, which we can’t really imagine but are excited to see unfold.
Riot Games and Netflix have just released an official trailer for their League of Legends series, Arcane. In addition to the trailer, we know that the series will premiere on November 6, and it will be released in three acts with three episodes per act. Acts two and three will be released on November 13 and November 20, respectively. The series will explore the history of Jinx and her sister Vi, along with other complex moral issues.
According to Bayonetta 3’s director, Yusuke Miyata, Bayonetta 3 is in the “home stretch of development.” In collaboration with executive director, Hideki Kamiya, both directors put up a blog post after Bayonetta 3’s appearance during the Nintendo Direct. Miyata explains, “[We’re] working on making the core of the game even more fun and test playing nonstop. As the culmination of this series loved by all of you, we’re giving our all to make it a masterpiece worth of the name Bayonetta so please wait and anticipate just a bit longer.”
Yes, you read that correctly. Scalpers are reliably trying to ruin everything once again by hoarding the limited-time Pokemon Oreoes. One seller is even trying to sell a single Mew Oreo for $9,000. Luckily, it seems that so far, people are generally not falling for this, though it’s still irritating to see scalpers trying to take advantage—especially of the Pokemon fandom—whenever they can.
Fall Guys has officially been added to the Guinness Book of World Records as the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time. Mediatonic has new seasons and content coming out for Fall Guys on a regular basis, so we aren’t too shocked to see that it’s been downloaded so often, though it's appearance in the Book of World Records is still an impressive accomplishment.
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