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These Fortnite players had the gold bars before Epic Games added them.
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There’s been a massive Twitch data leak, and among other much scarier information, it has shown the world who the highest paid Fortnite players on the Amazon owned live streaming platform have been since 2019. Unsurprisingly, the list contains the biggest names like Tfue, NickEh30 and TimTheTatman
Please remember that the chart below doesn’t take into account everything the players have earned, as it doesn’t it doesn’t factor in Fortnite tournament prizes won, Streamlabs tips or merchandise and company sponsorship revenues.
It also doesn’t include Amazon’s cut of the cash, so their actual pay out could really be quite a bit less. If we had access to data on all the various revenue streams, we think that people like Ninja and Shroud would probably be higher up.
Amazon hasn’t given WePC an official comment on the Twitch leak, but has acknowledged that what has been forcibly revealed by the hackers is rather a big deal. When we know more, we’ll update this page.
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