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Twitter users named Ubisoft as the most hated gaming company on the social media platform, which also included other firms like Capcom and Game Freak, according to a recent study.
RAVE Reviews conducted the said research, which based its findings on Twitter data collected by a tool that goes by the name SentiStrength. The research tool further helped the study evaluate and assess the negative and positive tweets about the included firms, as per‘s latest report.
On top of that, RAVE Reviews went on to use the search volume of the companies in Google to determine which would be included in the research.
To be precise on the process, RAVE explained the research method on its website as the calculation of “the hate rate (% of negative tweets).” What’s more, the host of the study also “ranked the brands by location and category to find the most hated brands in every country.”
According to the RAVE Review study, negative tweets suggest that Ubisoft is the most hated company in the world after it got the top spot in 23 countries, including its home nation France, Brazil, EAE, and New Zealand–among others.
On Oct. 5, Ubisoft revealed that it will soon release the “Ghost Recon Frontline,” which is also the latest Tom Clancy venture of the game developer. It will be a free-to-play first-person shooter, carrying battle royale as its primary option of mode.
Although RAVE calls the category in the study “gaming companies,” it is to note that the list was only limited to game developers like Ubisoft and Capcom.
Speaking of Capcom, the gaming firm grabbed the second spot in the list of most hated companies by Twitter users. It is to note that the developer is behind popular franchises like “Resident Evil” and “Street Fighter.”
On the other hand, Japanese video game developer, Game Freak, got third place in the list, which included countries like the United States and the United Kingdom.
It is to add that the game developer of some Pokèmon titles even got a notable 100 percent negative tweets rating in Canada, the RAVE study further suggested.
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Although RAVE did not create a category that specifically looks into gaming console developers, the top three makers, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, graced the most hated lists in separate categories. For instance, Microsoft, the firm behind the Xbox console, was the most hated big tech company in the study, according to Screen Rant.
Meanwhile, PlayStation’s parent company, Sony, was included in the most hated brand in general, sitting at number 10.
On the contrary, another Japanese gaming firm, Nintendo, may have been elusive in the study, but it still entered the list of the most hated gaming companies in one location–Norway.
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