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A Virtual Desktop update adds a new videos tab to download or stream videos from your PC for local playback on Oculus Quest.
Release notes for the update also say that on Windows you can “paste YouTube and other website URLs” and the “videos will be downloaded to your computer and streamed to your Quest.”
The feature supports normal as well as 180-degree and 360-degree videos. Videos can even be encoded on-the-fly “if needed” to get them to play on Quest.
Four of Virtual Desktop’s environments now also support the ability to stream flatscreen PC games at 120 FPS, assuming your existing monitor supports that frame rate.
The new features add new reasons to consider getting Virtual Desktop as a dedicated utility on Oculus Quest for PC owners who want to access their machine and its contents from VR.
Earlier this year Guy Godin’s Virtual Desktop had its marquee PC VR streaming feature accepted to the main Oculus Store not long before Facebook launched its own AirLink. Since then, Godin has continued to update the much-loved software with new features, like beating Facebook to 120Hz PC VR streaming support and the addition of Synchronous Spacewarp.

Yet another Virtual Desktop update further improves PC VR streaming.
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