Watch Daniel Abt’s New Gaming PC Get Stuffed Into A Car Rim By Der8auer – CarScoops

The pandemic has made quite a few of us more aware of gaming PCs and their performance. Daniel Abt, the former Formula E racer and scion of Germany’s ABT tuning house, is no different.

Being an aesthete and tuner, though, he didn’t just want a case with the computer parts thrown in. He chose, instead, to have extreme-overclocking engineer Roman Hartung who goes by the alias “der8auer”, fit his computer into one of his company’s rims. Der8auer has also made a name for helping design if not the, one of the most popular PC cases in recent years, the 011 series from Lian Li.
The final result can be seen on Daniel Abt’s YouTube channel, but the process of building it is almost reassuringly familiar to anyone who’s watched custom cars being built. What seems like a relatively simple idea becomes complicated by the precision required to install things so that they look good.
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Installing a few fans ends up requiring drills and a 3D printer for custom mounts. A simple water-cooling system becomes complicated by leaks. But the builder perseveres and finds solutions.
The final result is pretty cool, as well as a reminder of just how big a car rim can be since it takes up a surprising amount of Abt’s desk. The USB-C port custom installed into the ABT logo, though, clearly shows the attention to detail.
Hopefully, Daniel Abt ends up using this new PC a lot, although, for the time being at least, it won’t be on Formula E. Following the 2000 debacle, he decided to take a break and, despite having an offer to race in the 2020-21 season, joined the Sat.1 channel as a co-commentator for its Formula E coverage.

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