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The Halo Infinite user is banned message is kind of working as intended, except for players getting disconnected due to broken servers.
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Halo Infinite is only a few months away, and many Xbox and PC players are getting a hold of the Halo Infinite flights. Those gamers lucky enough to get in are getting to test the Halo Infinite multiplayer, trying out several maps, Big Team Battles, and the Academy.
While it is certainly great getting to test the multiplayer and shape it up for December 8, there are downsides. One of the downsides players are coming across is a Halo Infinite user is banned. Here is what you need to know about the error and what you can do to fix it or avoid it.
You need to know that there is actually no way to get around the Halo Infinite user is banned error. The error code is something that has been in the game since Halo Reach. If you leave the game early or dodge enough lobbies, you’ll temporarily get banned from the multiplayer.
So, if you’re a bit of a rage quitter, perhaps you should probably simmer down. It is a behaviour check to stop players from leaving and instead see games out. Not to mention it makes the player experience better for your allies.
However, if you’re not a rage quieter, there are some things you need to know. The first thing is you can still get thisHalo Infinite user is banned message if you’re experiencing technical issues. Some players are reporting some levels of server instability, getting disconnected from matches. Some players are experiencing getting disconnected through no fault of their own, and then getting the Halo Infinite user is banned message. These errors include getting game crashes during loading screens, especially the BTB game mode, more recently. 
If you get banned from the game crashing, you can try to reach out to Xbox support and see if you can get unbanned. The bans seem to last for roughly a day if you do get disconnected or quit frequently. It could be more efficient just to wait for the ban out rather than contacting customer support.
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