Where to buy Genshin Impact Razer Gaming Chair, Mouse, Mousepad – ClutchPoints

Genshin Impact is starting to become a household name. It has become the first video game many have played seriously, and its casual fanbase is still continuing to grow. Much of this fanbase comes from the PC crowd, and Razer, one of the top PC gaming peripheral brands, took notice. Hence, we now live in the timeline where Genshin Impact Razer gaming products are a reality. And we’re here to help you find out where to buy Genshin Impact Razer gaming gear.
Unfortunately, there’s only one source where you can buy these products officially, and that’s through the Razer Store. Razer even has a particular page dedicated solely to their Genshin Impact gaming gear. There’s a total of three products in this promotional line. All of them are now available for pre-order, and also comes with some in-game freebies once bought. These are:
Unfortunately, Razer has not yet revealed the pricing for the products, and you cannot purchase the items as of yet. Instead, interested fans will have to sign up to Razer’s newsletter to find out when these limited-edition products will be sold.
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