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All other Battlefield games are on xbox game pass, so will the new Battlefield 2042 be on it too?
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The next addition to the Battlefield franchise is nearly here. Our first look at the game was through the open beta trailer which featured some pretty grand imagery. Rocket launches, tornadoes and storms and complete environmental destruction. At this point, players will be shooting down weather hazards instead of each other!
Although, as fun and absolutely wild as the game looks it remains quite the pricey purchase. So it’s not surprising that people are hoping Battlefield 2042 will be on Xbox game pass upon release. Hopefully to save a pretty penny.

The game will be hosting an open beta event in October for four days, then it’ll be later released in November on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Origin (PC), Steam (PC) and Epic Games (PC).
Microsoft and EA haven’t made any official announcement about Battlefield 2042 being added to the Xbox game pass. It’s very unlikely that the game will be added to game pass anytime soon. They’re likely going to encourage sales before they put the game on any streaming platforms.
But don’t worry, all the previous Battlefield games are currently on game pass. This is enough of an indication that Battlefield will eventually be on game pass. But it might not be for another few months, or possible even a year.
If you’re especially keen on playing Battlefield at launch, then don’t count on game pass saving your wallet. You might have to dish out some cash, but if you’re patient, then hang tight until it inevitably comes on game pass.
In the meantime, players can get a taste and see if it’s worth their money. October 8th and 9th will feature and open beta, you can read more about it here.
People with Xbox Game Pass will be able to play the open beta via Game Pass on the 8th and 9th of October. Anyone who’s preordered Battlefield 2042 will be eligible for the early access open beta, where you’ll get two extra days to play the open beta.
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